The Musical artist E-ray aka Erayvibes originally known as Moses Kpanaki is popularly known for his Unique style of music. 
A versatile and diverse vibe that aims at bringing a new trend to the market.
He’s engaged in popular genres like Afrobeat, rap and Hip Hop. 
He grew up in Jos(J City), Nigeria and then later relocated and presently based in Stuttgart Germany, He is presently working on his upcoming EP release called Genesis.
Stay tuned and get ready for a mind blowing experience where Europe meets africa, afrobeat to the world.
The aforopop/dance hall artist brings a fresh vibe to the table and has a lot more feelgood music to give the world, this is just a tip of the iceberg. 
Twitter& Instagram
@erayvibes VEVO
Erayvibes Genesis Tracklist Below
1. Anini || DOWNLOAD MP3
2. Paper (Feat. Teddy Ziggy) || DOWNLOAD MP3
3. Sugarsmile || DOWNLOAD MP3
5. Loco (Feat. Kwesta Dakar) || DOWNLOAD MP3
6. Slowly || DOWNLOAD MP3
7. Journey || DOWNLOAD MP3


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