Ruke Gure is a  Gospel singer and song writer. She has been professionally singing for almost a decade and  believes that music is a form of expression that should be unhibited.She has always had a strong passion for music and remembers singing from the tender age of four.With her unique sound she has captured the very essence of true worship. She faithfully serves in her home church, Gospel Pillars Ministry where she continues to lead thousands in worship.
Ruke released her debut single, “Before Before” in May 2020  which is a reflection of her past and gratitude for her present.
She released her debut album “Melodies of Love” on the 10th of October 2020…She fondly refers to this album as her love letters to Jesus.With soothing songs like Prince of Peace to afro pop songs like Without You and the Revival song are all geared towards drawing your soul into a deeper level of intimacy with God the Father.

This eight track album is set to revolutionize Gospel sound…
Now she comes with a brand new official video for her hit song Before Before!
Watch Music Video – Before Before



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