DOWNLOAD MP3: Jeff Fresh ft. Tha Goat - S3x Me 

Haitian-American artist Jeff Fresh is well on his way to becoming an icon of the South Florida music scene. His music is a dynamic mix of hip-hop, soul, and Afro-pop, blended together with the sounds of Kompa to make an irresistible fusion. After years of dedication, he is now set to reach a larger audience than ever before with the release of his best music to date.

Jeff was born in Pompano, Florida but spent his childhood in both Ft. Lauderdale and Haiti. His Grandparents introduced him to Kompa, a popular Haitian traditional style, which led to his early love of music. As he came of age, he discovered the thriving, multicultural scene of South Florida, and became determined to create his own legacy.

Jeff separates himself from the crowd with a fearless sense of individuality. “If you are comfortable in your skin, some individuals will despise you,” he explains, “because they are not as comfortable in their own skin as you.” Having already proven himself to be a versatile and unique talent, there is no telling how much Jeff Fresh might accomplish.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Jeff Fresh ft. Tha Goat – S3x Me



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