Fast Rising Star in the Nigerian Music Industry, Rebecca Chinonso ARINOLA, popularly known as RAYBEKAH, is a young, talented and dynamic artiste whose ingenuity at perfectly blending Nigerian Pidgin English and English language on her tracks make her stand out among her peers. 

Raybekah’s music can be categorized under the World Music genre— a fusion of several music genres Afro-Beats, Afro-Pop, Dance Hall Reggage. She is signed to O.R.A Records Incorporated. 

On Friday 05 March 2021, Raybekah releases her much anticipated single "GANJA”, her debut single of the year 2021 produced by Mr. Soul and Drip- ment_King mixed and mastered Seige. On the sultry track, backed up by a beautiful conga and steel drums rhythm combination, she serenades her fans with smooth lyrics. With her usual laid-back style, Rebaykah creates a song, and mood, for the laid back mood in us. “GANJA” is available across multiple music streaming platforms.


We are convinced that you’ll love this work.

Social media handles : 

I G - @raybekah_

Twitter - @raybekah_



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