We spoke with the American Artist – Shugavanilla and she had this to say about her new hit single: “Spirit of Fela’s Vibe“. Though we like to call it Fela’s Vibe for short.

I didn’t know what Fela was about at first. When I arrived in Nigeria 2 months ago, I was just hoping to talk about the plight of my ancestral people and the surrounding situations of a Nation and a continent that I have heard about for many years in America as having it hard.

But it was both a beautiful place and an enlightening experience. I was speaking my mind in music about seeing the 3rd world living situations, unfairness, disproportional economy, starvation, political upheaval, at ALL basically first hand.

I got into the feel of the music and people started commenting that they felt FELA Speaking across the winds of time. This song named itself and was thus born. It was very organic.”

Fela’S vibe is coming through loud and clear. Marnell started studying Fela Kuti’s music, his messages & started understanding that this is what She must speak to in this song.

With the help of a coach in Pidgin (Nigerian Language of broken English), She was able to compose the song with a professional writer, Mr is it Nunso & translate it into a memorable melody that fit the song produced by EXPERT COMPOSER ‘Elder Maxwell’.





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