OKEY colours the world as he releases OMEMA in both audio and video formats.

The past year almost seemed like a piece of the puzzle in our voyage on earth that should be replaced or redesigned.

Not so many pleasant experiences happened across the globe. It seemed like the year would never end. It seemed like all hope was lost.

But the year also came with a dramatic turn, it gave birth to stronger family bonds, diverse acts of benevolence, care, warmth, hospitality and more.

Most importantly it unveiled God’s goodness, grace and mercy from a whole new world.

God, our Father, OMEMA (THE DOER OF GOOD THINGS)kept us through the different stages of the lockdown, He has kept us through the pandemic, He has been and still is our defence, our strength, our hope and our help. We are still here, alive and well.

Omema from Nigeria to the world! Produced by Los Angeles based unique music producer, Ambassador Wole Oni

Twitter handle Okey@ookebalam

instagram @okeyokebalam

Producer @iamwoleoni

Video by Harmony Studios

Download it, play it and rebroadcast the goodness!!!


WWatch Video Below!!!



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