The Album "BOND " is about the brand "MAESTROGRAPHICS " and the upcoming music label "MAESTRO MUSIC" collaborating with raw talented music artists in Calabar.

Its also an introductory album as, each track is interwoven lyrically, defining what the brand is all about. Credit to the contributing artists; JDHillzbabyYoung Sano GTC & Codename: S8K9(Freetown)Kelsmith,Tsheza,Yung Phil,  KrayvenSwizzy Jen & Stein

Maestro Graphics... imagination alone! Maestro Music... the vocal passion!
For Inquiries Contact Us@ 08037300104 or 09097471254

Bond EP Track List 

1. MAESTRO GRAPHICS - Maestro Ft. JD. 
Genre: Hip Hop 
Prod. Teddy Banty 

2. PARTY - Maestro Ft. Hillzbaby, Young Sano GTC & Codename: S8K9.
Genre: Afro Dancehall 
Prod. 3ga Fingers 

3. BOND - Maestro Ft. Kelsmith & Tsheza. 
Genre: Caribbean Dancehall 
Prod. Furz Khadi & O'neil. 

4. GRAPHIC- Maestro Ft. Hillzbaby, Yung Phil & Krayven. 
Genre: Hip Hop /Rap 
Prod. Kelsmith 

5. NO STRESS - Maestro Ft. Swizzy Jen & Stein. 
Genre: Afro Swing 
Prod. Kelsmith 


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